The 8 Compelling Reasons Why Neon Signs are a Must-Have for Your Business

Embrace the Radiance: Discover the Art of LED Neon Signage for Modern Living

The 8 Compelling Reasons Why Neon Signs are a Must-Have for Your Business

For decades neon signs have helped business owners stand out. While you might think neon signs would be old-fashioned, they are still highly effective. Today’s post is about 8 undisputed advantages that LED neon signs have given business owners ever since the 1950s.

  • High visibility. Your visibility will be improved by adding neon signs to your business front. Even in a crowded street, a LED neon sign instantly increases your visibility. The neon sign is especially helpful for small businesses that want to announce the arrival of their new employees.
  • There are many design options. A big advantage of neon signage is its ability to be customized. This medium provides amazing options for logo design. The starter packs are able to help businesses design neon signs in any form or color. If we don’t have the resources to make it happen, we’ll find someone. Don’t settle for stock images.
  • Nighttime functionality. Businesses can run at night with neon signs. You can also install additional lighting to illuminate existing signs. However, upgrading neon is usually cheaper, both in terms of installation and maintenance.
  • Low-cost and efficient to run. It is fifth in the universe’s most abundant chemical elements, following hydrogen, helium oxygen, carbon, and carbon. Neon signage is a popular choice because of its high mass. You can also expect them to outlast standard light bulb replacements. Neon signs are a great way to save on replacing bulbs. They only require 90 watts of electricity and a normal wall current. It will cost about 20 cents if you leave it on all day. Consider the fact that the average toaster runs at 900W, 10x more than what you need for your business.
  • A wide operating range. These signs are very durable and have a large operating range. They will also be safe in situations where line voltage is subjected t brownouts or surges.
  • Long life span. Neocone signs can last from 10 to 12 years if properly maintained. It is easy to see the benefits of neon signage when you consider that they don’t require much upkeep and can even fail after only 6 months.
  • Simple installation. Installation of LED neon signs is quick and easy. You can begin to see the benefits as soon as possible. Our business partners will assist you with your installation.
  • Attract customers. It is a classic medium for advertising. Therefore, neon signs have become an integral part of the advertising landscape. Consumer conditioning is a way to make sure that people are paying attention to neon signs. You will catch the attention of passersby right away when you have your neon sign installed.

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