12 Surprising Benefits Of Custom Neon Signs For Businesses

Embrace the Radiance: Discover the Art of LED Neon Signage for Modern Living

12 Surprising Benefits Of Custom Neon Signs For Businesses

There are many ways to ensure that your business is visible to the people in your locality. Your establishment can be noticed by flashing lights, traditional signs, banners,, and bright building paint. But neon signage is the best. Although neon signage used to have limited possibilities, modern technology and decades”’ worth of innovation means custom neon signs offer many benefits for businesses who choose to use them.

Although neon signs are a popular choice for business displays, LEDs are becoming increasingly popular. Signs and lights made from light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are strung together in a way that the light they emit overlaps each other and creates a steady source. LED signs are typically lighter than glass neon and are more protected from damage by being packed in a polymer jacket. The many advantages of LED signs make them an ideal choice for almost all types of brick-and-mortar businesses that have physical locations.

The Neon Signage Guide

You might be struck by the number of glowing signs you see in a city at night. They almost appear luminescent. These are the neon signs. If you notice them more than others, you will know the main benefit of this type of advertising.

Historians believe that the first neon sign was created in 1910. This was in the Grand Palais, France. This display caught people’s attention and was quickly adopted by other countries. The commercial demand for neon signs increased dramatically in the 1950s, particularly as America’s postwar boom was underway.

According to some, neon signs were in high demand in the 1970s. However, they are still popular in the new millennium and are making strong returns.

They’re still a popular choice with many customers. Despite all the digital benefits, paperback books still sell and vinyl records are outselling compact disc CDs. There is a real need for authentic articles and a genuine acceptance of them. It seems that the old school is back in fashion.

The LED Neon Revolution is Changing Many Commercial Signs

Attractive ads and lights are what make cities stand out. It’s impossible to miss the neon signs welcoming you to a hotel or flashing signs promising a great time as you walk down the street. However, traditional neon signs are being quickly replaced by LED neon lights that are more affordable.

These are the many benefits of LED signs over traditional neon lights.

  • Very safe
  • It is more cost-effective than the traditional neon
  • Energy-Efficient
  • The same brightness and color as traditional neon
  • You have the option to add more effects and patterns
  • Recyclable

The public is moving towards a more sustainable future and safe recycling has become the norm. Classic neon signs may be replaced by newer LED neon.

12 Benefits Custom Neon Signs Can Offer Your Business

Here are some of the many benefits that custom neon signage can bring to your business. You may be surprised at the potential benefits that some, if not all of these options can offer your business.

1. Energy Efficiency

Because they consume less energy, custom neon signs are very popular among business owners. The neon light is more energy efficient than LED lighting, so LEDs are a better choice if you are looking for low-energy signage. LEDs require only 12 volts of power to operate, while neon bulbs need 15,000 V. A large outdoor display can be a great option if you are considering neon or LED. This will result in a significant reduction in operating costs.

2. Creative Freedom In Design

Custom neon signs are a name that should suggest endless possibilities. There are many options for lettering and logos with this advertising medium. You can create neon signs for businesses in almost any shape and color. Online tools are available for many neon sign manufacturers. They can also help you design your signs. Third-party experts can also be hired to create the layout and images.

3. Durability

Customized neon signs can be as strong and durable as other neon signs, with a similar lifespan. A neon sign can last for 10 years if it’s well-maintained and built. However, if you take care of it from the beginning, through installation, maintenance,, and upkeep, you may be able to make it last even longer. This is a lot better than having to send an employee up a ladder twice a year to replace the bulbs in outdoor signs. It is safer depending on the weather and whether or not someone is willing to climb the ladder.

4. Easy Installation

Most neon sign manufacturers have someone on staff or a partner who can handle the installation. You can install your signs yourself, but it is worth hiring professionals to do it. This isn’t a project that will cause your business to be closed for days or longer. Most times, the work takes only a few hours and causes minimal disruption to foot traffic. You might arrange for this to be done after hours depending on your business hours. Signs are installed, put up, and turned on in one day.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

You’re probably aware that neon signs require less power if you’ve read this far. They also last longer. These benefits add up to a better world for your employees, vendors, and clients. If you rely on fossil fuel power, less energy means a smaller carbon footprint. These signs also last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often so there is less waste material, either in production or disposal.

6. Broad Range Of Operation

They are durable and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Are you located in a hurricane-prone area? Is your line voltage susceptible to brownouts and surges? In all cases, neon signage is usually quite safe.

7. Versatility

You are probably familiar with the variety of colors, designs, and shapes available. Even if you think you won’t use custom neon signage, it might be worth the effort. Your signs may need to adhere to certain guidelines and stipulations, such as those set forth by the property manager or owner. Neon signage’s versatility and flexibility allow you to align with local rules and stand out from your neighbors while still being visible.

8. You Win the Night

Is your business closed at 5 p.m. on weekdays? Do you close your business at 5 p.m. on weekdays? Neon signage is a great way to let people know where you are and when you are open. While you can still install lighting to illuminate your daytime signs, neon signs are much more cost-effective and require far less maintenance.

9. Create a great first impression

How many times have we driven past a business only seeing a plain text-only sign with basic colors, or a simple logo? How many establishments or stores don’t have a logo? How often do you see a banner of vinyl hanging in the wind? You can use neon signs in any shape, size, style, or color you like. You can mount a piece of art and your business’s quality and reputation will be instantly evident to your customers and prospects before they even step foot in your doors. They might even get out of their cars to see it happen.

10. Match your brand

Social media is now a dominant force in the world. It is not enough to be open for business or sell a product. It’s not enough to have a website and company name. You need to build a brand around yourself. Flat signage can be difficult to match branding, but custom neon allows you to create signs that seamlessly integrate with your existing logo, colors, content, and brand.

11. Fonts Galore

Custom neon signs offer many benefits. One of these is the possibility to choose from a variety of fonts. This is closely related to your business branding, but it also means that you can choose a font style that best suits your decor and visual style. You can choose a font to make your business stand out among the other establishments. Even if a neon sign manufacturer doesn’t have the font you prefer, they may be able to provide it and then work with you.

12. Neon is bright

Neon is a standout. Neon is brighter than traditional signage. The luminosity of the neon also increases. This makes it easier for passersby and customers to see your business.

Neon signs have been around for more than 100 years, but they are still a stylish way to announce that your store is open. This option can be used to communicate information with your customers and prospects in a delightful mix of style and urgency.


First and foremost, neon signs attract attention. Even when the sun is not up, neon signs draw attention. They were very visible during America’s booming roadside culture in the 1950s and 60s. Anyone traveling along a highway today relies on the No Vacancy/Vacancy neon signs at hotels and motels to find a suitable place to sleep.

Signs of all kinds

Neon is not the only thing that makes a LED neon sign. This industry saw a resurgence in the second half of the 1990s when engineers and chemists began to develop a wide range of color spectrums. Modern neon signs may be made of argon or carbon dioxide, helium or fiber optics, and LED technology. These lights look and work like traditional neon lighting.

Know your Neighborhood

Neon signs are not always preferred by all communities, but they are most welcomed because of the classic Americana it represents, as well as the usefulness and effectiveness it provides to consumers. If you need to permit this, ensure that your property owner allows it. Make sure you have neon signage permits in your zoning ordinances.

Also, you should look out for businesses that are already using custom neon signs. You shouldn’t assume that there is more than one. This could be an indication that custom neon signage is effective. Pay attention to how many cars are parked in each lot. What number of people are walking in and outside each parking lot?

You can see the results with your own eyes, and how custom neon signs benefit your local restaurants and stores. Be the envy of others and ensure your sign stands out from the rest.


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