Can neon signs be used outside in cold weather?

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Can neon signs be used outside in cold weather?

It’s no secret that led neons are now a well-known advertising tool. What happens when it becomes cold? In this blog, we’ll provide the best practices to ensure your sign is functioning in colder weather.

Can you use neon signs outside in winter?

It’s easy to say that neon signs can be utilized outdoors during colder temperatures. If you plan to utilize your custom neon sign in colder climates Here are some tips to keep in mind.

It is essential to shield your sign from the elements. When it’s not being used the sign should be stored in a dry, secure location. You can consider purchasing a weatherproof cover to safeguard your signage.

You’ll need to be extra cautious when you begin to set up your sign during colder weather. To prevent damage to fragile glass tubes, your sign must be allowed to slowly warm up. It will function normally after it’s been warmed up.

How do you care for your led sign during the cold winter months?

Signs with LED can be used outdoors however there are additional steps you can do to extend the life of the sign.

Make sure your sign is clean. The build-up of dirt and grime on glass tubes could cause them to break in time. It is essential to keep your sign clean so that it stays looking good.

Second, consider investing in a temperature-controlled storage unit for your sign. This will shield your signage from extreme temperatures and help to prevent any damage.

Be sure that your sign is maintained regularly. Experts can spot potential issues and fix them before causing severe damage.

These guidelines will ensure that the LED neon sign will last for a long time.


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