How to Decide on the Ideal Neon Sign Dimensions for Your Wedding Decor

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How to Decide on the Ideal Neon Sign Dimensions for Your Wedding Decor

You’ve discovered the ideal neon sign, but you’re having trouble getting the right size. We all know that neon signs make a wonderful option for weddings, it’s important to shine like stars. We’ll provide a quick guide that will help you locate the ideal neon sign.

How do I size the wedding neon sign?

Check out the neon signs in different sizes with the famous walls of greenery. Each size will give your wedding a unique appearance and feel. Be sure to take measurements of the area. Zanvis will make use of these measurements to design the ideal neon sign. Below is a look at five standard sizes for wedding neon signs. Scroll down to view the backgrounds for each of the sizes.

Say cheese! Everyone is smiling in the photo. Everyone has a wonderful time at the event. The glowing neon sign makes the event more thrilling and lively. The photo booth was put up by this couple, and it was equipped with the custom 40-100cm surname sign. It is perfect! Create a custom neon sign for your next occasion and snap some Instagram-worthy photos.

The Carpets The Carpens (Neon size of sign 36″ – 90cm)

The sign in neon was designed by a client. It is 36 inches (90 centimeters) in length. While this size isn’t offered in standard sizes, you can make it custom to suit your needs. Make sure you’re moving, you’ll require a neon sign that will shine at your next party!

See this article for ideas: C Neon sign with a hum during the wedding reception

Be aware that bigger sizes can lead to higher prices. For bigger signs, you’ll need more time, resources, and effort than smaller ones.

When determining the size of your space when measuring your space, you must take into account both design and functionality. There are a variety of sizes and styles of neon signs. They are used in a variety of locations.

Once you’ve finished the measurement, think about what it will look like with your preferred font or color. This will ensure that every element is well-integrated. Can’t visualize? To get a better visual, try our online, customized.

2. Here are some suggestions to choose the appropriate size for the wedding neon signs

2.1 Indoor Wedding neon sign

Wedding neon signs are typically 36″, 42″, or 48 inches in width. They are great as backdrops for all photographs. However, just because you’ve seen many neon signs of this size does not mean you have to. Every person has a unique style! The size of the sign will let your name shine in the bright glowing neon. Smaller signs are ideal for weddings with a simple theme. Barcelona font is elegant and contemporary, while KIONA font oozes professionalism and seriousness.

The neon sign O’Neills for weddings (53 inches)

The neon sign is based on the Barcelona font, which measures 53 inches. If you like the same style then you should pick the same font and size for the wedding neon signs.

2.2 Neon sign for an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are the hottest trend! Imagine neon signs bearing your wedding date shining in the middle of a lush and natural landscape. The quote neon sign measures 52 inches (150cm) large and is printed in KIONA font.

Wedding neon signage adds a splash of color to the ceremony and provides a warm glow for the celebration. Outdoor weddings: Install neon signs in the reception area, around the cocktail table, or a photo booth to guide guests to the photo booth. The signs can be hung anywhere and location, so take your measuring tape and take measurements of the area.


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